1. Paying its post-parking charge

Payment within 72 hours – reduced fee = 15.30 euros.

The driver who does not pay his/her car park or exceeds his/her paid parking time will no longer be committing an infraction but will have to pay for the time he/she occupies the car park. When a driver owes a post-parking fee for non-payment, he/she will receive help from a discount if he/she pays within 72 hours, that is, the largest amount of 15.30€. Preferential rates are supported (residents, etc.)

Preferential rates

  • Resident: 1/2 rate in yellow area
  • Daily subscription: 5€
  • Yearly subscription: 170€
  • Daily permit for craftsmen: 3€

The city of Elbeuf offers several solutions for paying the past-parking charge:

  • Parking meters
  • The payment of the reduced PPF can be made on the city’s parking meters
  • It is necessary to use the payment notice number showed on the information sheet and the license plate of the vehicle concerned
  • The payment of the reduced PPF can be made on the Flowbird app (iOS and Android) or on the website: https://my.flowbirdapp.com/embed/fps

2. Electronic payment

When the deadline for payment of the reduced PPF has passed, payment can be made on the website: https://www.stationnement.gouv.fr/fps.

To do this, it is necessary to wait the notice of the payment of the PPF which is sent by regular mail. It has the mandatory electronic payment number to make the payment online.

There are also other methods once the notice of payment received:

  • By phone: 0811 10 10 10 (0.05€/min + price call)
  • By check: made out in euros to the Treasury Department (address mentioned on the payment card). Attach the payment card as a reference without stapling or gluing it. Send the whole in the postage-paid return envelope. Do not enclose any other documents.
  • Payment at the counter of the Treasury Department: only by credit card, with the notice.
  • Payment at a tobacconist’s or authorized partner’s: By presenting the flash code found on the payment card received by mail. (See the list of approved tobacconists or authorized partners on https://www.impots.gouv.fr/portail/paiement-de-proximite )

3. Contesting the PPF

The FPS is contested by a Compulsory Pre-litigation Administrative Appeal (CPAA) according to the procedures showed on the FPS payment notice sent by post and which must be attached to the FPS contestation. It must be made to the city, which will ensure the pre-litigation management of the contestation.



Place Aristide Briand

76500 Elbeuf-sur-Seine

Tel: 02 32 96 90 10

Documents to be transmitted imperatively:

  • A statement of the facts and arguments explaining the appeal
  • A copy of the contested payment notice
  • A copy of the registration certificate