1. The "minute" parking

1189 paying car park in the city centre with:

  • A short red duration area
  • A medium yellow duration area


  • 15 min every time
  • From 12am to 2pm everyday
  • In the yellow area, every Saturday afternoon

Payment for parking

Several payment methods are available:

  • By credit card at the pay station
  • By coins at the pay station
  • On smartphone via the Flowbird Parking application (iOS and Android)

In case of non-payment, the Post-Parking-Fee (PPF) replaces the criminal fine. Payment is made at the pay station or through the Flowbird application.

Parking rate

Red area (short duration 2 hours maximum from Monday to Saturday):

  • 15 min: free
  • 1h = 1,20€
  • 2h = 2€
  • 2h15 (after the 1/4h free) = 18€

Yellow area (maximum duration 7h from Monday to Saturday morning):

  • 1h = 1€
  • 2h = 1.30€
  • 6h = 2.60€
  • 7h = 18€

Weekly subscription (special rate): 5€.

People with reduced mobility

The city is very well equipped in terms of parking for people with reduced mobility. In most streets, you will find at least 1 reserved parking space, close to the accesses to shops and public places.

Recourse to contest an PPF

The Compulsory Preliminary Administrative Appeal (RAPO in french) is mandatory to contest an FPS. It must be filed with the city, which will manage the pre-litigation management of disputes.

For more information, go to the page contesting a parking ticket in Elbeuf.

2. Special rates

For residents

Half price in yellow zone only. Register your file with Rouen Normandie Stationnement (to be completed)

For craftsmen

Daily permit: 3€

Map of on-street parking in Elbeuf

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